If you're looking to login to your Ûphold account, simply enter your email and password on the login page and hit enter.

Since Uphōld Lōgin was launched in 2015 it’s enabled its 1.7 members worldwide to buy, sell, trade, exchange, hold and convert 36 cryptocurrencies and stable coins 27 National currencies and 4 precious metals. As part of the new changes Uphōld state significantly less expensive on average then other household name Crypto platforms on smaller trades they can be over 100 BPS cheaper.

  • Users can trade directly between any of these supported assets.

  • They both to have 0% trading fees, deposit and withdrawal fees plus a super easy-to-use new interface which allows you to move your money from your bank into Bitcoin in seconds

  • Compared to their competition they have more National and digital currencies trading pairs.


If you want to get verified on Uphōld then I hope the following verification instructions could help you. You will get to know how to sign up and get verified on Uphōld.

  1. Download Uphōld Lōgin app for or go to Uphōld log in website in your browser, Click on the button sign up then fill the field.

  2. On the field of personal details enter your email address, set a strong password by following the format of alphabetical and numeric order including symbols.

  3. Select your country of residence, state or province and your citizenship.

  4. Read and accept the terms of service and privacy policy.

  5. Next, enter your full legal name and birthday. These should match with the information in your ID, Check the details then click on confirm.

  6. Enter your phone number for verification, You will receive the verification code via SMS.

  7. Now enter your complete address, it would be better if this also matches the information in your ID.

  8. Next, check your email address for confirmation and then click verify.

  9. Go back to your Uphōld sign in app now you have successfully signed up on Uphōld.

Now you will be asked some questions for you to answer. For example: “ how will you use 'Uphōld Lōgin?”

  1. Next is financial information, select your main source of income and then enter an estimate of your annual income and your expected annual deposits to Uphōld (you can select your own currency).

  2. Next, select your employment status, type in your job title. Alright so you have added more details to your profile!

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